Drip coffee is coffee that is convenient to brew immediately in a cup (we have written more below). We have released our own drip bags so that at home or in the office you could get a great filter coffee, like during our breakfasts!

Drip Coffee
Inside there are 6 drip bags with Cotton Candy coffee brand, which Chelovek i Parohod developed especially for us and roasted for this brewing method.

It tastes like nuts, chocolate and strawberries.

Composition: Cotton Candy grain blend – 70% Mexico, 30% Burundi.
Shelf life: 18 months from the date of roasting.
We've put together a morning playlist so that you can turn it on while you're brewing your first cup of coffee! You can sing along and move to the beat!

It has always been important for us what kind of coffee our guests get for their breakfasts. Since we know for sure that bad coffee in the morning can spoil the impression of even the most perfect poached eggs!

When we opened our cafe and we had to brew a lot of coffee on our own, we decided, along with our friends, Chelovek i Parohod (CHIP) coffee roasters, that it was time to create our own blend of coffee!
A blend is a mixture of several varieties of coffee. Ours is called Cotton Candy: 70% Mexico, 30% Burundi. The mixture is designed by CHIP specifically for Eggsellent!
Rich, but not bitter, with pleasant acidity, notes of hazelnut, milk chocolate and strawberries

A drip bag is a paper filter with freshly ground coffee. The filter has convenient «handles» to cling to the cup. All you need to do to brew coffee is to pour the bag 3 times with boiling water to the brim.

Thanks to the drip bag, you get a cup of natural freshly brewed filter coffee at home.
What's a drip bag?
How does it taste?
How to brew drip coffee?
Next, our very detailed instructions, if you are brewing coffee for the first time and you have doubts!

  1. Carefully open the white filter bag by perforation.
  2. Open the handles of the bag.
  3. Hang it on the cup (it's like it sits in a hot bath and holds on to the sides with both hands).
  4. Take a kettle with boiled water and pour it inside the bag to the edge.
  5. Wait for the coffee to drip into a cup.
  6. Repeat the previous two points 2 more times. Three pourings result in a drink that is perfectly balanced in taste and strength, so we do not recommend making more pourings.
  7. Take the drip bag out of the cup and throw it away.
  8. Enjoy the first sip!
Drip Coffee
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