EGGSELLENT – means breakfast with eggs every day. Breakfast that we turn into a holiday! There are a lot of guests with doggies, children, friends from different cities or parents in our cafe, you can always hear laughter and music playing. There’s work in full swing: the kitchen is busy with frying potato fritters, boiling poached eggs and whipping sauces, glasses are being filled with sparkling wine at the bar, meanwhile guys in the hall are always ready for a chat and feedback – everything for you to enjoy our breakfast every day!

We prepared our first breakfast on November 27, 2017. At that time, we just wanted to make a simple, but delicious and cool breakfast for our friends. We took as a basis a familiar to everyone morning product – the eggs. Then we just added good coffee and CHC. It deciphers as care, hospitality and creativeness and we still stand by these principles.
For two years we made breakfasts in coffee shop LES on Pokrovka street every weekend, and after that we managed to open our own corner on Vasileostrovsky market in St. Petersburg, then we started delivery in two cities, opened a proper cafe on Mayakovskaya and summer terrace in cooperation with IKEA in Moscow, made breakfasts at Bambule every day. Now we are looking for a perfect place for our second cafe in Moscow and first one in St. Petersburg!

Our breakfasts are not just about delicious meals, but about holiday spirit and the possibility to turn common morning ritual into something special.

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