What’s BLC?

BLC is a Breakfast Lovers Club, and it was designed as a community in the first place! We want our members to be the first to know about our new specials, menu updates, collaborations and news! That's why we'll send you push notifications. But not very often, don't worry!

And as a nice bonus – a discount on breakfast, which will increase depending on the number of visits to us.

We came up with the system itself back in 2019! During two years we were enhancing it and finally achieved the result we had been looking for – beautiful electronic cards that you can install on your phone.

How does it work?

How does it work?

A few important moments:

A few important moments:
Unfortunately, the discount system doesn’t work on Veranda, but we will take into account your visits nevertheless!
We do not set a time limit on the accumulation of visits to get the next level of discount, so you can save up visits even for 10 years (hope we will work far more)!
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Loyalty system in our delivery

Loyalty system in our delivery
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