We have launched our perfect rosé sparkling wine for breakfast!

Breakfasts with sparkling wine are something we love and respect very much. Therefore, it was decided to find the sparkling wine that best suits the morning ritual of enjoying life. And now it's almost on your breakfast table!

Drinking sparkling wine in the morning is a ritual that only the French royal court used to have access to, and the French know how to enjoy life – that's for sure.

At the very least, it's enjoyable. Being able to enjoy simple rituals and create a holiday for yourself every day is a useful skill that we at EGGSELLENT want you to remember!

We counted the sales for a month in our cafe on Mayakovskaya, and were pleased to find that our guests, just like us, like to drink a glass of sparkling wine for breakfast!

Indeed, the professionals from CHIP are responsible for our coffee, we have the sweetest oranges from the best suppliers, but there is no sparkling wine that would perfectly suit all our parameters and tastes for breakfast!

Therefore, we decided to find it, the one and only sparkling wine! And as a sign that this is exactly what we approve and recommend – we have pasted our shiny label on it!

Our friends from
liked this idea, and suggested choosing the best sparkling wine by blind tasting. We tried and recorded our feelings. We didn't know the region nor the manufacturer, we only evaluated the taste! Everyone chose the number 6! Villa Sandi from the Veneto region.

So, our ideal sparkling wine for breakfast turned out to be with the aroma of strawberries, poured with vanilla cream sauce, not cloying, with a pleasant sourness and a gentle viscous sweetness. The bubbles are small and not sharp, because it's still morning, everything should be gentle. In the aftertaste, you can feel the sweet caramel toffee, and everyone will have their own associations with a sip of sparkling wine.

You can reminisce on your most memorable morning and late winter sun, but still warm, and how cool it shines through the curtain on your pillow, or you can remember meeting with friends at breakfast and how you discussed everything and laughed!
And of course, our sparkling wine is delicate pink, what else could it be!
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