Bubbles Academy is our collaboration with Simple Wine.

We think that sparkling wine and breakfasts are meant to be together.

The main ingredient for sparkling wine is bubbles, so we invented Bubbles Academy!

Our goal is to have a better understanding of sparkling wine. We want to know for certain why champagne costs more than cava, what is the difference between cava and prosecco, what Lambrusco is worth a try and how to find a decent Russian champagne.

Bubbles Academy

As a part of Bubbles Academy project together with Simple Wine we made:

- proper sparkling wine menu;

- special names for every glass;

- held a training for the waiters, so they could help our guests to choose a perfect bottle of sparkling wine;

- made special cards, in which guests could write down their taste preferences and learn by themselves.

But most importantly! We organized meetings with the sommelier!

Meeting with sommelier
Every Wednesday, from February 24 till April 7, we held free meetings for seven guests with sommelier from Simple Wine.

Five guests managed to sign up on our site and two of them had a chance to win a ticket on Instagram.

Registration is closed for now, follow our Instagram for further information.

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