The moral of this project is how important it is to have an idea behind everything you do. We wanted to work with the guys from Recycle.Objects for a long time, so we’ve been thinking through different options… a keychain or maybe a toy? We couldn’t make a decision, then suddenly we ran out of checkbooks – this is the stuff in which waiters bring you the check, that were made of paper and became torn quickly. At that moment we decided to make plastic eggs – and everything came together!

We collected white plastic buckets from mayo and cream cheese (that we had plenty of!) and brought them to Recycle.objects team. There they were chopped into crumbs and melted into a sheet, which was then cut with a laser on the milling machine. That’s how we’ve got our beautiful and most importantly DURABLE checkbooks from buckets!

Egg-shaped checkbooks with Recycle.obgects
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