Non-digital retreat with H
Together with H we invented a non-digital retreat specially for those who dreamed of trying to work in our cafe, feel the atmosphere and take a break from their habitual working routine.

We’ve created an opportunity for those who want to swap working at a computer desk for standing at the coffee machine, becoming a host or a cook✨ Start the day by coming in at 7 a. m., have a cup of hot filter coffee, talk about yesterday’s shift, and meet the first guests at 8 ❤️ Smile, chat and quickly deliver orders or fry potato fritters, boil 10 poached eggs in 3 minutes, cut avocados for guacamole and dough up pancakes! Voila! So the day passed by. Analog world of working in our cafe in all its glory!

Four people passed our retreat, they met guests, made coffee and potato fritters, appreciated the atmosphere and remained pleased!

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