Right from the start of our project we've been inventing new specials (so are called some breakfasts in the menu, that we constantly change!) for every weekend. It’s not just a breakfast, but a meal with its own story and background, that we share with our guests, so they would have more joyful memories about morning visits to our cafe!

Over the time we started new collaborations with different brands. The core idea of each joint project is to follow our guests' needs. We listen to their requests, then we figure out our goal and seek for a business partner with matching values. In the end, it turns out that both guests and our partner and we are happy.

Today we’ve got a list of cases that we want to share. Part of them were realized through collaborations, the other we made with our own marketing and production team.

Now we continue making stories and are always open for cooperation!

If you want to do
something together, please write to our marketing department:
Polina –
List of collaborations:
If you want to make a collaboration with us or something of sorts, please contact our marketing department:
Polina –
Klava –
Here you can check out stuff done by us. For instance, shimmery syrup and drip coffee!
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